Friday, February 18, 2011

I have a question....

please tell me why paying more taxes is bad for the economy. I'm honestly curious, because if it means a better life for the future (better roads, education, etc..) and less debt, then why the complaint?
Many many many things confuse me about this country.
Like why we allow prescription drug companies get away with what they do and just take the drug thinking it'll make us better. It has been proven that a good diet and exercise will help prevent and even CURE some of the ailments that the pills are supposed to fix. Plus, said pills have a longer list of cons than they do pros. But why would our government be okay with that? why would they be okay with prolonging illness instead of curing it? Maybe its the revenue that they're getting from the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.. but that just makes them sound evil.

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donga5000 said...

Interesting questions, little Maya.