Monday, March 21, 2011

i sit back with this bag of zig zags..

and this bag of this weed...

its been a week...
the weeks actually just blend together.

japan is fucked.
the middle east is fucked.
Africa is fucked.

and we have to be involved in all of it.

whats the fucking point?
was there a real reason that we bombed Libya?
was it just coincidence that it was on the anniversary of the first attack on Iraq?
technically to make a no fly zone over another country, doesn't the president need to ask permission from congress? since technically isn't it a declaration of war?
this world is entirely too fucked up.
the world is gonna be fine in 2012.. its the humans that are fucked.
the earth will still be there.. we won't.
our greed and our military power will be our own down fall.

this country was founded on "peoples choice" but when was the last time we actually had one?

and on top of all this, i'm working 35 hours a week in a shitty ass job, 8 months preggo. >.> i'm exhausted. i'm depressed as hell. did i mention i was tired? ... i think i did.
jess visiting was nice. it was a good distraction. but now its back to normal again. and i'm back to living at wendys. i don't hate it there. i hate the customers really. the work is easy enough. the customers are rude. they like to assume since people work in fast food it means that they're retarded. that they have no ambitions in life. that they're worthless slaves to them. i'm tired of the holier-than-thou attitude that these people have.
i want to see them do what i have to do every day.
they would never last.
plus, it doesn't help that our manager is now a piece of shit.
the last one was bad, but at least he helped and didn't bitch about having to work. he's a different kind of lazy alcholic.
why can't anyone just enjoy their jobs?
and he's okay with cutting staff for nights but can't seem to hire replacements.
i'm done working in less than 2 weeks now.
and there is no one that can do my job.
there are only 4 people to rotate between 7 days.
we are all tired.
we are all cranky.

//end rant.

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